The Latest Technology Helps You Work Better at Home

Whether your work actually lets you do it completely from home, or you split time between the office and where you live, it can be difficult to be productive. Here is some great technology to help you make the most of your time and keep you on point.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

If you’re not comfortable, all the great gadgets in the world aren’t going to keep you at your desk. Make sure your chair supports you and is at the proper height for your desk. Monitors should also be at a proper height so that you aren’t craning your neck up or down. Getting a basic or adjustable stand for your screen is a smart move. In addition, simple technology like proper lighting helps you avoid straining your eyes and a multi-port charging station will allow you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Background Noise Can Help

Many people find that background noises can help them focus better. This is one of the reasons why so many choose to work at a coffee shop, besides the easy access to caffeine. There are now apps, such as Noisli, that create background noise to order including simulating a coffee shop, a stormy forest, and gently falling rain.

Limit Distractions

Everyone knows the dangers of having social media and other distractions so convenient. You just check your Facebook or Instagram for a moment and an hour goes by. Technology can be your friend here, by using an app like Freedom to lock yourself out of certain websites or games. Obviously, you can override the settings, but it may be enough of a deterrent to keep you working.

Take Time for Breaks

Although it’s easy to get distracted at home, it’s also easy to forget to take breaks, which is hard on your mind and on your body, and will actually make you less productive. Time tracking apps for your computer or phone such as Pomodoro Tracker will remind you to stop working at the times that you set. It’s a good idea to use at least some of that time to stretch or meditate; the latter can be done with an app like Headspace.

While working at home may seem like a dream come true to those who are stuck in cubicles, it does not come without a price. Taking steps to set up some technology such as Smartphone apps and computer programs to keep you on point, focused, and with proper time outs can help you not only be productive but in better shape physically and mentally.