Top Business Travel Destinations

When planning business travel at the professional level, there are so many factors that can make or break the trip. Many planners only look at the quality of hotels, the availability of meeting rooms and the safety of the particular country or city. This is a useful place to start, but there are many other points to consider. If you are planning upcoming trips to either meet with clients or organize a conference, think about the quality and distance of the local airport to the venue, the types of food available to impress potential clients and the scale and modern technology of local transportation. The difference between an okay business trip and a memorable business trip hinges on these details. Not sure where to start looking? Here is a list of the current most popular travel destinations for work.


European Sophistication

No matter your industry, your company can likely benefit from partnerships and allegiances within Europe. From food and agriculture to automotives and technological engineering, you may find yourself traveling to various European destinations as your work expands. London, England has several international airports as well as a variety of hotels and cuisine. In Germany, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin are popular for meetings and cultural visits. The growing cities of Lisbon in Portugal and Budapest in Hungary have been noted by analysts as young technology hubs, so they make excellent cities to visit for business travel.


Asian Inspiration

Travel to Asia is much easier now than before, with several national Asian airlines in competition with smaller budget air transport companies. This means that you can potentially get a bargain on airfare, which is great news no matter the size of your company. A vast continent, Asia offers many options for work meetings, conferences and negotiations. Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur are regular favorites for business travel, due to their cosmopolitan atmospheres and high-quality airports with connections around the world. In Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra offer impressive venues and experiences with a Down Under charm.


North American Initiative

If your company is based within the United States, it can be a great idea to stay relatively local when planning for business trips. This can save money for your company as well as impress foreign clients or customers when they visit your country. New York, San Francisco, Orlando and Atlanta have good airport connections, a variety of hotels and conference centers and plenty of entertainment options to please your clients. Canada and Mexico are accessible as well, with Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico City on your doorstep. Modern technology makes getting around these cities a breeze, compared to times in the past.


South American Ingenuity

If you only know South America from vacations or movie locations, consider choosing one of the vibrant metropolitan areas for your next company trip or work meeting. Travel to Buenos Aires in Argentina or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for great food, impressive views and plenty of hotels with capabilities to host meetings of all sizes. Business trips to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic or Panama City in Panama can provide a beautiful backdrop to positive work achievements.


African Growth

Much of the African continent has been experiencing rapid development in the past few decades, making several cities excellent contenders for your next business trip. In South Africa, Cape Town and Johannesburg have good airline connections and modern technology. After a day of meetings, you can wine and dine your clients surrounded by the beautiful scenery. In Kenya, Nairobi has been praised for its convention center and top-quality hotels, while Marrakech in Morocco is convenient for European, North American and African clients alike to travel to.

With such industrial growth and competition, it can sometimes seem difficult to find great corporate travel destinations. Luckily, recent technology has led the way in making it very easy to plan trips around the world to boost business.