Increase Your Productivity at Home and Work with These 20 Tools

There is only so much time in the day. Balancing work and life can be tricky. Here is a list of 20 tools to make the most of your computer, phone or tablet. Get back your time a little at a time.

Upright Go

The Upright Go is a handy device that sits between your shoulder blades. The app displays your daily posture statistics. Improved posture can lessen the damages of sitting.

Jabra Speak Series

Take your conference calls to the next level with Jabra Speak Series. These handy speakers let you listen to music, come with headphones and take away excess noise. 


Make tracking your time completing tasks easier with TimeFlip. The geometric shaped device stores information in the cloud while tracking your time and productivity. While you are on the computer, it tracks the time spent on each task. 

SanDisk Wireless Stick

Share information from your tablet to your phone to your computer with the SanDisk Wireless Stick. The wireless connection slashes the time it takes to access files from different devices without relying on an internet connection.


For those constantly distracted by unproductive websites and apps, Saent is the tool for you. This handy device uses an app and button to block those distractions. 

Doxie Go

The Doxie Go helps you save space in your office. The portable scanner sends all those receipts, documents and photos to the cloud or computer. The scanner works with a tablet or phone as well.

The Beam Smart Projector

Easily share content from your devices to others with The Beam Smart Projector. Any surface is an instant screen to display your presentation or stream an app. All you need is a power cable or light socket to power the device. 

Gotek: Wireless Rollable Keyboard with BT Speaker

The Gotek: Wireless Rollable Keyboard with BT Speaker gives you an instant keyboard to quickly type up your reports, documents and emails. Use on any screen 10” or smaller wherever you may be.

Morning Sidekick Journal

Spend three minutes a day going through the strategies and tips in the Morning Sidekick Journal. Even non-morning people can get into a new habit that boosts their productivity.


The open office environment allows others to constantly distract you. Luxafor helps you focus by letting others know when you are busy. A USB cable connects the device to your computer and syncs with DeskTime.

eBeam Smartmarker

Take your whiteboard notes to a new level with the eBeam Smartmarker. The sleeve fits around your dry erase marker to make any surface a sharable whiteboard.


Internet browsing is safer and easier with the ButterflyVPN. The USB device offers a secure hotspot in any public place whether here or abroad.

The Everlast Notebook

Combining the digital age with the classic pen and paper, The Everlast Notebook is a reusable notebook. Using the Rocketbook app and Pilot Frixion pens you can create, store and organize notes.


Engage with the crowd with the Catchbox. The lightweight throwable microphone allows more people to participate without the harm of hard microphones.

SmartDesk mini

Instantly have a standing desk without the hassle or expense of an actual one. The SmartDesk mini holds your computer on your standard desk to create the standing desk experience. 

Sentio Superbook

Make your Android smartphone work harder for you. The Sentio Superbook makes your phone operate more like a laptop without the expense.

Coffee Pixels

Get the energy boost to be more productive with Coffee Pixels. The bars use the antioxidant power of whole coffee fruit for four hours of energy without the caffeine crash.


Work anywhere with the Mobicase. The laptop bag is a sleek, ergonomic workstation perfect for those on the go.

Fidgi Pen

Keep fidgeting without distracting your coworkers with the Fidgi Pen. The pen functions like normal with the added benefits of things to grip, switch, roll and spin. 


Make your pen do more for you. The ChargeWrite+ is an efficient multitool that that writes, stores up to 16GB of memory, cleans screens and acts as a power bank.

Productivity tools use the power of your computer, tablet or phone. Spend less time distracted and more time focused on things that need to get done. Boost your productivity for a happier, more fulfilled life.