5 Reasons to Encourage Your Employees to Post on Social Media

Social media is ever present today, with popular sites having profile counts in the billions. One lesson bosses and owners around the world have learned is that it can be a fool’s errand to try to keep your employees from every checking in on their feeds during the day. The good news is that you don’t have to look at all time employees spend on social networks during work hours as lost time. With the right targeting and branding techniques you can put your employees’ social networking to good use. 

Sharing Good News

When positive news is about to drop it’s a great time for your employees to talk about it on their own pages. By encouraging your employees to show their pride and excitement when a project they are working on nears completion you help to build buzz ahead of the official announcement.

Promoting Your Promotions

One of the biggest benefits of employees posting about your company is creating a positive image of your company. Promoting employees who earn awards or take on new positions is an excellent way to accomplish this organically, and your employees will appreciate the recognition.

Finding New Employees

The best businesses have the best employees and social media is an outstanding way to find the best candidates. When your employees share posts from fun company events or highlighting their successes it shows prospective employees you’re a premier career choice.

Free Advertising for Products

When a product or service your employees worked on is excelling in the market they should be proud of it, and you should encourage them to share that pride. Posts about success not only highlight the products you are offering but also that they are being well received and are worth checking out.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Building a strong brand on social media is an essential part of marketing in the modern world, so you should not be letting the opportunity to grow your brand’s standing pass you by. Creating a style guide for posts about your company and utilizing branded hashtags will create a digital identity which your employees can help grow by adhering to the guidelines when posting about their work.

Social media is here to stay, so there’s no use trying to fight against the tide. Instead, the smartest companies are taking the power of social networks and harnessing it in order to find new employees and customers. When used properly you’ll see positive rewards for your new approach to networking technology.