40 Jobs To Make a Living While Traveling

Many people would love to travel to exotic places while making an income. Today’s world is becoming more and more interconnected through digital technology, and the dream is becoming the reality for many. If you’re thinking about making the jump to a nomad lifestyle, consider these 40 jobs that can help you on your way. 

1. English Teacher

Countries around the world are looking for qualified applicants to teach English to elementary and high school students. 


2. Nanny

Some sponsors can give you housing and food in return for looking after their children.


3. Foreign Service

You can join the military and be deployed overseas. 


4. Online Business Owner

Opportunities are rife to sell a good or service online and become a successful digital nomad. 


5. Freelance Writing

All you need to write and edit articles is a computer, so you can do it from any place you want. 


6. Social Media Coordinator

The need for a strong social media presence is stronger than ever. You can manage clients’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages from a beach or a boutique European café. 


7. Street Vendor

There’s nothing wrong with doing a simple job like selling delicious food.


8. Musician

Audiences are willing to pay for a digital nomad who is talented at singing or playing an instrument.


9.  Farm Work

If you enjoy the outdoors then you can help till the land and grow plants.


10. Travel Agent

If you know a specific area well, then you can plan vacations for tourists by recommending restaurants, museums and nature locations.


11. Tourism Marketing

You can help promote a tourist website by writing copy, managing accounts and creating promotional materials.


12. Tour Guide

From churches in Rome to museums in Paris, there are openings for well-spoken tour guides around the world. 


13. Travel Blogger

You can create a blog to share your experiences with a readership. Readers love to know your opinion about the places you visited. 


14. Online English Teacher

Schools, mainly from China, are seeking individuals who can teach students English through an online platform. 


15. Cruise Ship Employee

Travel the open seas while providing good customer service.


16. Yacht Sailor

Yacht owners are looking for individuals who want to put their rig to good use and give tourists a personalized experience they won’t forget.


17. Bartender

If you know a little bit of the local language then you can bartend drinks to the masses.


18. Online Translation

Digital nomads who are bi-lingual can be valuable employees. They can translate business documents, menus, blog posts, books and more.


19 .Hostel Employee

Hostels are constantly looking for short-term employees for front desk, housekeeping and maintenance jobs. Many nomads make a decent living traveling to different hostels around the world.


20. Yoga Instructor

Preach the power of yoga by teaching classes as well as Pilates, Zumba, dance and personal fitness classes.


21. Magazine Writer

If you know how to pitch stories to editors, you can make a decent income writing for news publications. 


22. Massage Therapist

The best thing about being a massage therapist is that there is little talking and a lot of physical contact, which makes it perfect for travelers seeking employment. 


23. Website and Graphic Design

The digital design market is booming, so anyone with the right skills can create logos, websites and promotional materials. 


24.Stock Trader

Day trading takes place online. Those with the proper know-how and who don’t mind losing money from time to time can make a good living.


25. Art Vendor

If you have your own product to sell, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the streets. Jewelry, clothing and leather goods are popular options.


26. Festival Worker

Festivals are abundant over the summer. You can work as a side-stage act, food vendor, installation worker or ticket staffer.


27. Scuba Diving Instructor

Dive into the ocean and explore wildlife while helping others do the same.


28. Flight Attendant

Ditch the digital work in favor of a hands-on customer service role. There are plenty of airports hiring employees all over the globe.


29. Intergovernmental Worker

If you have a university degree and knowledge of a foreign language, you can apply to work for a government agency in a different country. 


30. Photographer

Digital photographers can upload their work to micro-stock sites or sell their images to private clients, magazines, brand campaigns, travel websites and publishing companies. 


31. eCommerce Seller

You don’t need an actual storefront to sell goods. You can sell your wares through Amazon instead and become a professional eCommerce technology expert. 


32. AirBNB Renter

If you rent out your home or apartment, then you can make a decent income. The trick is to automate the process so you can go where you want without worry. 


33. Construction Worker

There are plenty of part-time opportunities in the construction business, which allows nomads to save up money to travel in the off-season. 


34. Internet Poker

If you’re good with numbers and can keep calm under pressure, you can become a digital poker professional. 


35. Peace Corps Worker

The money typically isn’t great, but the rewards are priceless when you decide to volunteer for the greater good.


36. Vlogger

Anyone can post digital content on Youtube. 


37. Travel Nurse

Believe it or not, travel nurse agencies are popping up to help individuals work overseas.


38. Computer Programmer

The tech field is booming. 


39. Virtual Assistant

There is little that virtual assistants can’t do remotely. 


40. Consultant

Those who have a specialized expertise can make a great living sharing it.